SOZO is excited to launch the new Uber Eats Partner program where anyone can become a partner that stocks, manages and sells SOZO products from the following locations: Dehiwala, Batharamulla, Colombo 5 and Peliyagoda.

SOZO will provide the inventory and a chiller as well as carry out all the integrations with Uber Eats in order to operate smoothly. Think this is for you? Fill out the form below! 

Who’s this for?
For any Individual who wants a “work from home” opportunity where they can run the Uber store from the comfort of their homes.

Is there an investment required?
Not necessarily. We may consider entrusting you with inventory without any deposits subject to evaluation of your application.

Want to know more? Get in touch! Call our hotline on 0741839191.

    Terms & Conditions

    • The operator has to operate the SOZO Uber Store from Monday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm
    • . (free to operate longer at will)
    • A Chiller will be provided by SOZO  (deposit of LKR 15,0000 required)
    • A minimum stock will be provided each week initially and thereafter, on a monthly basis.
      The operator must always maintain a deposit value of 50% of the goods. (50% from MRP
      on Uber Store). If unable to keep the deposit, SOZO will release only 50% of sales
      commission to Operator until the deposit amount is built up.
    • The Operator is liable for any damaged or missing stock which will be indicated monthly
      during stock take.
    • The operator should communicate well in advance before stock level goes below MRO
      (minimum re-order level) to avoid sales loss.
    • The operator should store the goods and Chiller in suitable conditions away from
      dampness or direct sunlight.
    • The operator will be paid 20% commission from the net revenue paid by UBER.
    • For termination, 01 month notice should be given failing which the total pending sales
      commission will be held back.
    • At the time of termination or disconutionation, the operator shall be refunded all deposits.